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Commercial Exterior Renovations

Draw your Customers in with an Updated Building

First impressions are very important to every business. When customers first visit your business the first thing they see is the exterior of your business. The Exterior of your business needs to be fully functional and highly attractive if you plan on drawing in customers. Here at Central Florida Building Corporation it doesn't matter if you have a new building that needs to be renovated or you if have an out of date office building that needs be modernized. 

Central Florida Building Corporation Inc specialized in Commercial Renovations: 

  1. Medical Offices
  2. Office Buildings 
  3. Grocery Stores 
  4. Liquor Stores 
  5. Schools 
  6. Churches
  7. Gyms 

Top reasons why you Need to update the exterior of your business. 

1.) Enhance your Businesses Curb Appeal.

Did you know it only takes 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression, and also over 2/3rds of Americans say that external appearance influences the way they shop or do business. Would you want to go to a restaurant or hotel if there are weeds everywhere, the windows are covered with dirt and parking lot is gravel? American state that with these kinds of blemishes they try and avoid places like these at all costs. Not all businesses need extreme makeovers but some do and others might just say a new paint job and some new bushes and mulch is good enough. There are plenty of other ways your business can level up its Curb Appeal and become a visual masterpiece by giving your building texture.

Brick Renovations

Brick can make your building look more dynamic and sophisticated  while making it look fresh and new. Adding brick to the exterior parts of your building, paving a new sidewalk, or building a new fountain and garden brick will make the outside appeal of your business very desirable and elegant. 

Metal Siding Renovations

Metal Siding can make your business look more modern and high-tech. It gives it a more modern and appeal. This type of renovation appeals highly to younger generations. 


Windows are important because they allow your business to showcase its products giving people an idea of your business does. Whether it is foot traffic or people driving by clean and aesthetic windows are a must because it can help drive in new customers by making them curious about what's inside. 

2.) Your Competitions Buildings look spectacular.

Do you have new competition, or has you current competition just upgraded the exterior of their building? Your competitors recent up-grades might drive your business down.  You never want to left behind because you didn't keep with the times. If a competitor has a nice new renovated building they are more likely to gain new customers and even some your clients. Also, if your building is in a newer area where new building are being built it might look like your business look rundown. New fresh looks are perceived as success and that the business is doing good and is growing. 

3.) You are trying to grow your business.

Is your business growing, or are you in the market to grow - renovating the exterior of your business if great way gain to new clients. Before you start your renovation as your customers what kind of  improvements they would like to see added to your business like; More Windows, Better Flooring, or a Paved Parking lot etc. 

If your business is growing rapidly you might want to think about adding on an addition or two so you can make easier transitions.

First impressions are everything for a business so as an owner step outside and take in the appearance of your building. If you were a customer what would you look for if you were in the market for a service or business like yours. While walking around decide what kind of image you would like portray. Whether it is a few minimal renovates or you would like to make a statement, Central Florida Building Corporation Inc. 

will make your vision become reality. 

Bring Back your Curb Appeal with Central Florida Building Corporation Inc.

With over 20 years of experience we have gave thousands of businesses the look they have always wanted and deserved. 

  • Medical Offices  
  • Office Buildings 
  • Grocery Stores
  • Liquor Stores 
  • Schools
  • Churches 
  • Gyms

We are the best in the business and we make your ideas become reality.